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Renowned strategy professor Michael Porter said that strategy was about doing different things or doing things differently. In 2001 a group of software engineers used this mantra to come up with the agile manifesto as a response to the rigid and formal processes in software projects. Although processes and procedures act as important guidelines in a software project it's the mindless appliance of these processes that cause so many software projects to fail their objectives. Ultimately, it are the people behind a project that contribute to the success of a project. 

Leagile (a portmanteau of 'lean' and 'agile') is a new way of thinking in software projects. It drops the focus on project constraints and instead puts adding value in the forefront of a project. Many organisations have made the step from traditional software projects to agile software projects and many more are following. Agile projects owe their success to their incredible fast time-to-market, better understanding of customer requirements and enormous flexibility. Nevertheless many organizations do not fully understand the agile success factors of their projects or underestimate the mindset agile projects require in their departments. 

Our company helps to make agile projects become a success in your company. We have developed an unparalleled expertise in the delivery phases of agile projects: leading an gile project, taking care of analyses and meeting quality objectives. Next to the delivery phases we help companies grow in their agile and lean maturity by offering bespoke consultancy services to encapsulate the agile mindset into your company culture.

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